Osteopath Joint Pain Disclaimer


Joint pains and back problems are not uncommon amongst windsurfers, as in the general population.

Osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and sports injury clinics all deal with the same symptoms. In my experience, they can be very useful.

I recommend Paul Barratt, Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh. See www.osteos.co.uk.

Joint Pain & Tendonitis

Joint pains, particularly in elbows or heels, are not unexpected after testing windsurf sessions. Many people take Glucosamine supplements, widely available from supermarkets or health food shops.

Joint pain can be the result of many things, including coeliac disease and hyperuricaemia. Ask your doctor to think of all the possibilities, and do the relevant tests!

Pain and swelling of the joints in the big toes indicate gout, which can also effect the fingers and elbows.


The information given here is based on my own experience, supplemented by other information obtained from the net. I have no medical qualifications.

I offer this advice in the hope that it will help you ask the right questions of your advisors, and in the belief that you will make better decisions as a result.

If you have any health problems, you should consult a qualified professional medical practitioner. In my own case, I feel the advice I have been offered has been dangerous, inadequate, and misleading.