Image Printer User Guide

Image Printer. Updated 27 January 2005.

To run this program, see imedit.



If you have a digital camera, or just a scanner, you may wish to print your pictures. Often, you may want to position the pictures precisely on the page, and you may want to print more than one picture on a page. This utility is intended to do this in a simple and repeatable way.

Sometimes you may want to leave a clear border between pictures. Sometimes you may want to put the pictures as close together as possible. You may even want to overlap pictures for a more artistic presentation. This utility will handle these things very simply.

If you wish, you can take the original images as loaded from your camera. You may prefer to clip and adjust the images using a picture editing program. This program is designed to work in conjunction with my picture editing program, but it will also work with many other similar programs.

Some image printing utilities require you to send your images to a remote server for processing. This utility processes the files directly on your own machine. The Java Environment ensures that your security is not compromised.

Access to Program

For access to this program, you need to install a recent version of the Java environment. See Java Update. Then go to imedit.

The information on this page is also available from within the Image Editor.

General Usage

There is a zoom bar at the bottom of the window. Use it in conjunction with the window scrolling. This enables you to manipulate large pictures, but also to examine them very closely.

Start by selecting your printer, and setting the margins as appropriate.

The WebStart version of this program does not tell you about the minimum margins required by the printer. You should determine these margins, and set your own margins to similar values.

Then set up some image locations on the page. 'schema' will create separate image locations for you, or you can create image locations individually using 'new' or 'open' from the main menu.

The image locations can be adjusted using the 'move' function. You can move the image locations using the scroll bars, or position them precisely by measurement. The program works in terms of 'points' at 72 points to an inch. You may prefer to use inches or millimetres. The resolution is about 0.012 inch, or 0.3 millimetres.

If the image locations overlap, you can shuffle the required image to the top.

Load pictures into the image locations either from the Move function, or by right clicking on the location and specifying 'open' or 'paste'.

File Formats

This program accepts input in EXIF, TIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG and GIF formats. Not all variants of all these file types are supported. Digital cameras often generate image files in EXIF, TIF or JPEG formats.

If you are using a picture editor, I recommend you save the output using BMP format with 24 bits/pixel. This avoids any loss of quality due to compression. Alternatively, you can use copy and paste to transfer the image to this program for printing.

Copy and Paste

As well as direct access to files, you can also transfer images between programs using the usual 'copy' and 'paste' facilites. Copy and Paste require Java 1.4.


There are various simple transforms you can apply to a picture, including simple rotations and reflections. These transformations generate new images by exact transformation of the original data.


Further Notes

Conditions of usage

This program, the documentation and all associated materials are copyright to the author.

I hope you find it useful, and that you enjoy using it for the purposes for which it is intended.

If you use my software to generate pictures and publish them on your web site, I would appreciate it if you would acknowledge by publishing a link to my site.

The user accepts all risk for any damage which may be caused by the malfunction of this software or otherwise. The program should be used in accordance with the laws of any authorities which may claim jurisdiction.


I would be interested to hear about your experience in using this program, including any suggestions for improvements.

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