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Weather and Tides

Edinburgh airport broadcasts the current weather on 131.35 MHz. Prestwick airport broadcasts on 121.12 MHz. Reception on the ground is limited. The wind can be very different on the beach and at the airport a few miles away.

You should be able to buy an airband receiver for less than £ 20 on e-bay or elsewhere.

There are numerous weather sites. AviationWeather, from NOAA, will give you a report of the conditions at various airports over the last 36 hours. SkyLink has information from more locations, together with a forecast and other useful information. Wunderground has information from private weather stations, and keeps records of past conditions from many airports. XCWeather gives both a report of current airport winds, and a 5-day wind forecast. Windguru keeps a useful archive of predicted conditions. Before visiting a new location, you can check the wind forecasts from last year.

Though some of the forecasts are detailed, many of them do not take account of terrain or thermal effects. Sometimes, the forecasts change so frequently that you get the impression the forecasters have no idea of the likely weather. Often, the forecast is just plain wrong. The study of weather forecasts is as complex as anything in windsurfing! Below are some links you may find useful, or just entertaining.

Windsurf Equipment Manufacturers

Windsurf Suppliers

If you want to buy windsurf equipment, you might start by looking at the advertisements in Boards Magazine.

Some suppliers list items on their web sites which are not in stock and which they cannot supply. I strongly recommend that you do not order on line without first telephoning the supplier to check the item you want to buy is available.

The following list is not complete. All will supply by mail order, often with free next day delivery on orders over £150.