Edinburgh from Longniddry

Longniddry is only 15 miles from Edinburgh, near Gullane. It has the advantage of good windsurfing in a SW, or even Southerly wind. Southerlies are always gusty. There are a lot of rocks in the bay, but these are covered around high tide. It is a long walk out at low tide.

I sometimes prefer to launch from the rocks on the point, as this gives access to clean wind and avoids sailing into rocks, except when launching and landing. The launch spot is usually sheltered from waves. Longniddry has more chop and less wave than Gullane as the water is not as deep. Gullane is better for wave gybes. The chop at Longniddry is steper, so more suitable for jumping.

Longniddry is about 6 miles from Gullane by road. If the wind is Westerly, Gullane has the advantage of fewer rocks, a shorter distance to walk to the water at low tide, and a sheltered rigging area.

As at Gullane, you will find a variety of bird life, particularly cormorants, oystercatcher, wading birds, and gannets.

The car park has an entry barrier of height 2.1m. Some regular users may have keys to the barrier. The council operates a park and display policy. The charge is currently £2 per day.

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